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Whether it's unsecured credit (credit not backed up by collateral, for example: a credit card), or an installment loan for something like a car, all the way up to a home mortgage, borrowing money is something just about every consumer will do at one time or another. How do lenders decide how much interest to charge? What is your credit score? How do you use credit to your advantage? And what are your rights as a borrower? Click on the links below to take you to a topic.

Credit and Lending Topics:

Credit Card Fees - Credit cards fee vary by issuer and by card. Learn about some of the more common fees.

Credit Scores - Those mysterious numbers tell a prospective lender a lot about you. Find out how credit scores are determined and how to improve yours.

Predatory Lending - Does a home loan offer sound too good to be true? Watch out, you may be dealing with a predatory lender. Find out the warning signs of predatory lenders and how to avoid their traps!

The Right of Rescission - Uh, just signed the papers on home equity loan putting your house up as collateral, and now you're having second thoughts. Fortunately, under Federal Law you have a right to change your mind with some loans.

Loan Settlements - Sign right on the dotted line...but not so fast! Make sure you understand what you're signing!