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Document Security

While we tend to think of Identity Theft as a high-tech crime involving sophisticated computer hacking, it is much more likely that your personal information can be stolen in a more common way.  Thieves can get enough information to steal your identity from the ordinary pieces of paper you may be throwing away such as: Thieves can tempting targets are such items as: bank and credit card statements; cancelled checks; credit histories; tax record; and, medical reports.

How you handle these items when you’re done with them could be the difference between keeping your identity safe and handing criminals the keys to your identity.  With the information found on your personal records and statements thieves could open bank and credit card accounts, cell phone accounts, and other fraudulent activities that could potentially ruin your credit.
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The best way to dispose of unwanted financial statements and other personal records is to shred them.  Tearing them up and throwing them in the trash is not enough.  A good rule of thumb is: if you wouldn't’t want someone else reading it…shred it!  An inexpensive home shredder is good investment, especially when weighed against the cost and hassle of trying to recover your stolen identity.  If you can’t afford a personal shredder, there are shredding services and community organizations that offer shred days several times a year.  No matter how you do it, shredding is a good way to safe guard your identity and your financial reputation.
Here are some of the unwanted items that you should shred:

Remember: if it has personal information that you wouldn't’t want to hand to a thief – destroy it!