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Privacy Notices

Do you notice privacy notices? Privacy Notices are notifications from your bank or other financial institution telling you what personal financial information they collect about their customers, whether they plan on sharing your personal financial information with other companies, and what you can do to limit that sharing of information. Privacy notices also explain how your bank or financial institution protects your personal financial information. It is a good idea to read these notices because they tell you how your financial institution handles your financial information and if they share it with other companies.

Click here to listen!Why would your bank share your financial information? One reason may be in order to offer you more products and services. They may also profit by doing so. If you don't mind them sharing your information then you don't have to respond to the notice. If, on the other hand, you want to limit the amount of information that may be shared with marketers and other companies, there are step you can take to limit the sharing of your personal financial information.

Under federal privacy laws you have the right to "opt out" or stop some, but not all, of the sharing of your personal financial information. You have the right to opt out from your financial services company sharing some of your information with companies that are affiliates of your bank or financial company, as well as nonaffiliated.

You may not, however, prevent your bank or financial company from sharing some information about you. They may share information with nonaffiliated who help promote their products under joint agreements. They may also share records of your transactions (loan payments, purchases, statements) to companies that provide data processing and mailing services for their company. And your bank or financial service provider must share information about you in response to a court order. Your payment history on loans and credit cards is also provided to credit bureaus to help establish your credit score.

Be sure to read your privacy notice, and if you want to opt out follow the instructions given on the notice.