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It seems there are as many scams trying to hook unsuspecting consumers as there are fish in the sea! Double click on the links below to find out more information on a specific topic on risk protection. You can also listen to The Great Investo program that goes with each topic by clicking on the "Listen Now" radio icon on each page.

Risk Protection Topics:

Cramming - Do you know what’s hiding in your phone bill?  You may the victim of a scam known as “cramming.”

Document Security - You wouldn't hand a thief your social security number, would you? You might be doing just that depending on how you dispose of sensitive personal information.

Identity Theft - Make sure someone isn't using your identity illegally. Find out how to keep your personal information and your identity secure.

Financial Security On-Line - It's easy and convenient, but it can also leave you open to a world of financial dangers.  Whether it’s buying on-line with your credit card, viewing accounts, or doing on-line banking, be careful when completing on-line financial transactions. 

Pharming Scams - Hmm, that website looks legitimate, but is it? Don't let fraudsters steal your personal information through copycat on-line sites!

Phishing Scams - Don't get hooked! Find out some of the lures criminals use to get your personal information.

Pyramid Schemes - There's not much room at the top in this old scam. Learn how Pyramid Schemes work (or don't work) and more importantly how to avoid them!

Smart Phone and Social Media Scams - Cellphones and social Media are handy and fun. Unfortunately scammers think they're also a great places to rip-off their victims. Follow the link above for some tips on popular scams and ways to stay safe.

Work at Home - Working at home may seem like a good way to earn some extra cash in your spare time, but be careful.  While legitimate opportunities exist, many work-at-home opportunities are actually scams that are actually growing in number with the spread of the Internet and email.